Schulze Diabetes Institute

How to refer

If you are interested in referring a patient to one of our clinical trials, please review our eligibility requirements. Referrals are not required, however, and you may simply direct your patient to inquire about a trial through this web site or by phone. If your patient enters a trial, we are happy to discuss the treatment with you, as well as provide ongoing updates as to his or her status during the follow-up period.

MED - Image - Size 5 - Ching Yuan in lab medical school researcher

Auto-islet transplant
for pancreatitis

Today, there is a way to eliminate or minimize the need for lifelong insulin injection after a pancreatectomy.

MED - Image - Size 5 - islet cells

Allo-islet transplant
for type 1 diabetes

U of M physician-researchers have successfully reversed type 1 diabetes using human islet transplantation.

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